Incarcerated Muslims sue Pamela Geller for wearing a bikini

Pamela Geller has been sued by at least one, and perhaps two, Muslim prisoners in Michigan. And while Geller is no stranger to lawsuits (frequently challenging her First Amendment rights), this one’s a real doozie. Here’s the gist, as reported at Breitbart:

Muslim prisoners in Michigan filed a lawsuit against Pamela Geller for “wearing a Poke a Dot Bikini In Front of our eyes. We are offended.” They demanded their freedom claiming their civil rights were violated….


David Yerushalmi told me [Geller] that I had been sued by one or possibly two Muslims apparently who appear to be guests of the Michigan Correctional Hotel and Spa. “They sued you because, inter alia, you wear a bikini to distract them…the court dismissed the complaint on its own because plaintiff(s) failed to file the requisite filing fee or file the correct form to have the fee waived.”

Hurray. It was thrown out. Not based on its merits (or lack thereof), but because of a bureaucratic detail. Yeah, that’s the problem with this lawsuit. The filing fee deadline.

But in all seriousness, these people are serious. And as foolish as this lawsuit is, no one should underestimate the drive behind it: Islamic supremacy.

Holy cow (or should I say, pig)! The list of accusations against Geller is quite long:

·      Serving pork to Muslim inmates.

·      Writing cartoons in their Koran.

·      Having a name that rhymes with Pen and Teller.

·      Mocking the beards of Muslim men and mocking their ankle pants.

·      Planning to eat in front of them during Ramadan.

And if these egregious affronts to their delicate sensibilities weren’t enough, these pious men were forced to see a picture of Geller in a bikini. “In front of our eyes.” (gasp!)

And then came the inevitable: “We are offended.” Which was the prelude to the grande finale:

Pamela Geller is Anti Islamic She has Anti Islam tufted on her naval area and Islam with a pig on her inner thigh Pamela Geller was born in Mecca We are denied Haj to Mecca our 5 pillars. We are scared Pamela Geller put a hit on us with the Aryan Brotherhood We seek Immediate release from prison. Our civil rights are violated. Respectfully, Rick Tocket Muhummud and Wayde Albright.

By this point in America, we’ve heard a lot of gripes from members of the Muslim community based on fabricated victimhood (crock boy comes to mind as a recent example), but this one really takes the halal cake.

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