I guess Democrats want you to watch the Cowboys-Jets tonight

The Democrat National Committee wants you to watch the NFL on Saturday night, pre-conference NCAA basketball games, the NHL, the NBA, or even baseball documentaries on the MLB network.    Anything but Hillary's debate is the word, as the NY Post editorial tells us:  Over on the Republican side, they’ve delivered the three largest audiences ever for prez-primary debates. And seven more Republican debates are ahead; the Democrats have just three after Saturday. The saddest thing about this “shield Hillary” approach is that it robs Democrats of a fair primary fight. Yes, it’s hard to see how socialist dinosaur Bernie Sanders or lightweight prettyboy Martin O’Malley is going to beat her — but they could at least push her to stand up for the party’s principles. (Assuming it still has some.) Worst of all is the message this sends about the frontrunner: Namely, that the last thing her supporters want is for the...(Read Full Post)