I guess Democrats want you to watch the Cowboys-Jets tonight

The Democrat National Committee wants you to watch the NFL on Saturday night, pre-conference NCAA basketball games, the NHL, the NBA, or even baseball documentaries on the MLB network.   

Anything but Hillary's debate is the word, as the NY Post editorial tells us: 

Over on the Republican side, they’ve delivered the three largest audiences ever for prez-primary debates. And seven more Republican debates are ahead; the Democrats have just three after Saturday.

The saddest thing about this “shield Hillary” approach is that it robs Democrats of a fair primary fight. Yes, it’s hard to see how socialist dinosaur Bernie Sanders or lightweight prettyboy Martin O’Malley is going to beat her — but they could at least push her to stand up for the party’s principles.

(Assuming it still has some.)

Worst of all is the message this sends about the frontrunner: Namely, that the last thing her supporters want is for the American public to hear what she has to say.

Yes, it is sad.  It is very sad for the country, even those of us on the other side who would like to see what the Democrats have to offer.  

Yet this is how little the Democrats think of their front-runner.  They want you to vote for her but not hear anything that she has to say, from national security to economic development.

This is not a coronation, but rather an outrage!

Maybe Democrats will take this and turn their cheeks.  Maybe they are so desperate to keep funding Planned Parenthood or select the next Supreme Court vacancy that they are willing to put up with a candidate on mute mode.

Again, the Democrats owe their supporters, and the country, more than an ethically challenged candidate who's afraid of answering questions!

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