Hillary tells another whopper

Dishonest, incompetent, greedy, very angry, fundamentally unlikeable, and lacking a trace of integrity; you might think that the woman, now running to be our president, would get a bit of a grip on her more obvious failings. Like telling unnecessary whoppers. But she just can’t help herself - she has lived a lie for so long that she no longer can tell the difference between truth and falsehood. She very much reminds me of a statement made by David Horowitz (a real truth teller and a true patriot) in an effort to distinguish Al Gore and Bill Clinton: Clinton lies to help himself, Gore lies because he can’t help himself, i.e. he invented the internet, Love Story was about him and Tipper, etc.

While Hillary’s lies remind one of Gore’s fables, they are actually worse. Why? Because they are so transparent and thus so easily proved wrong. That is, Gore told self-aggrandizing lies (because he had actually accomplished so little) so that his statements took on the color of an adolescent trying to invent an adult resume, i.e. they were not only transparently false, they were silly. Hillary tells lies that are not only unnecessary (the thing might just die of its own weight), she compounds the problem by making the lie much more blatant by giving it that much more exposure, e.g. her taking sniper fire at Tuzla, or Chelsea was in harm’s way on 9/11.

Her latest whopper, in another effort to distance herself from her Benghazi failure, is that she never told members of the family of those killed at Benghazi, on their coffined return, that their deaths were the result of an anti-Muslim video that had aired on the internet. And not only was it clear at the time that she had said as much, but those members have now spoken out that that was their understanding of her remarks. And those remarks were widely publicized at the time of the coffined return of the Benghazi dead. She made it clear that they were going to get the person who made that video in order to bring justice to their deceased loved ones.

Now is there any other reasonable interpretation of that statement than that the video was responsible for the tragedy at Benghazi?

But we don’t have to speculate about Clinton’s deceit; 5 days after the Benghazi tragedy, Susan Rice went on 5 different T.V. news shows and attributed the attacks to the video. Are we to assume that Rice never checked with the State Department before going on those shows? In addition, Obama went before the U.N. more than a week after the Benghazi slaughter and clearly indicated that the “disgusting” video was to blame for its having happened. Would his own Secretary of State let him go out and lie to the world when she knew that it was a “terrorist” attack that had been the cause of the Benghazi disaster?

No, Hillary did what Hillary does with great regularity -- she lied! And it was so unnecessary. Why compound your deceit by implying that it is the deceased’s loved ones who are lying? This is Hillary at her best: telling an unnecessary whopper, and, in the process, betraying her real failing -- a complete lack of judgment. That’s Hillary, a combination of mendacity and incompetence.

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