Hillary believes she can win presidency riding on popularity of Muslim immigration

Donald Trump has played right into Hillary's hands.  His calling for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration has spurred Hillary to believe she can tap into what she imagines to be the enormous groundswell of support for importing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslims from the Middle East: It's a question of safety, Clinton warned in a rare Medium post on Tuesday: "Radical jihadists are telling people that the United States hates Muslims – and there's Donald Trump on TV screaming about how he's going to keep all Muslims out," the former secretary of state wrote. "He's strengthening the terrorists' argument." If we don't let the Muslims in, Muslims will get so angry with us that they will support ISIS.  So what choice do we have?  Hillary even penned a little letter to Muslims: "To Muslim Americans: What you're hearing from Trump and other Republicans is absolutely, unequivocally...(Read Full Post)