Guess what percent of the vote Trump needs to win the GOP nomination

The latest polls have Donald Trump up at around 35% of the Republican primary vote.  But what does he need to win the nomination outright? Previously, I documented many of the arcane rules, state by state, for GOP presidential primary voting.  Some states award delegates proportionally,  some award nearly all delegates to the candidate with the largest plurality of statewide votes, and some award delegates based on a combination of the largest plurality of statewide votes and the largest plurality of votes within each congressional district. A candidate needs 1,236 votes to be nominated.  Let's say, of the 11 pure winner-take-all states (and territories), that Donald Trump wins all of them, getting 405 delegates out of 438 delegates (the rest being "uncommitted" pre-picked GOP insiders who will probably support Marco Rubio).  And let's say that of the seven states that are combination winner-take-all statewide and by congressional...(Read Full Post)