Give Yourself a Great Gift for Christmas: Liberation From PC

The dictionary defines a phobia as “an abnormal or irrational fear of a specific thing...” Therefore, a phobia is a mental illness. I am fed up with the Left being allowed to decree that everyone repulsed by two men kissing on national TV is mentally ill; abnormal and irrational (homophobic). In response to SCOTUS ruling in favor of same-sex marriage some Americans said, “What's the big deal? Who cares if homosexuals marry?” These naive Americans did not realize the ruling was only the latest example of government forcing Americans to condone homosexuality. Despite not having the authority to do so, in essence, SCOTUS made it a crime to choose not to actively participate in the normalization of homosexuality. Regardless of religious or moral convictions, non-compliance with government mandated embrace of homosexuality has resulted in putting people out of business or even jailed; a Vermont pastor was sentenced to a year in jail for...(Read Full Post)