Fareed Zakaria vs. Donald Trump

Sunday morning on CNN's Fareed Zakaria, we witnessed the host and his guest panel slamming Donald Trump for Trump's alleged xenophobic anti-Muslim views, followed by a grand tear-jerker from a lovely Muslim woman trying to emigrate to the U.S. who is not being allowed to enter.  She was portrayed as a victim of Donald Trump, who is not president and ordered no one to block a single Muslim's entry.

Not a single panelist Zakaria invited was American.

The prospective immigrant Fareed interviewed believed that she had a right under the U.S. Constitution, law, or some ambiguous universalist morality to enter America and live here because, she said, "I wanted a better life."  Her reasoning means that about 5 billion human beings on this planet, all of whom want a better life, should be allowed to emigrate to Dearborn, Michigan.

The lady, by the way, lives in peaceful Turkey, not a war zone, so her emigrating to Dearborn should be of vital concern for the national interest.

After this, a Brandon "unknown," a fellow no one has ever heard of, sat across Fareed's desk for less than a minute and immediately broke down sobbing for the aforementioned woman – as if that tantrum had anything to do with any issue on the table.

If this was not a classic example of agitprop worthy of a Kremlin-style five-year plan, I don't know what is.

Earlier Zakaria set up his audience by disclosing that he thought of himself as an American, not a Muslim.  As if that disclosure had anything to do with anything....especially jihad by persons not claiming to be Zakaria.

The prevailing media "story" that Trump proposed a religious test to stall the Islamic invasion is a fabrication.

There is an invasion ongoing right now.  That is no spin.  I have seen it with my own eyes and reported on it.

We all recognize there are desperate people needing a place to settle.  We all feel for the utter misery and hell that is war, and we understand that many of these migrants are good and peaceful people.  We also know, but apparently refuse to acknowledge, the spin that blocks out the fact that there is a vast empty, unoccupied land in the Middle East, ready but not willing, to take in their own.  We know that the kings who govern these territories have significantly wealthier per capita populations than what the people of Europe, Canada, and the U.S. have.

We also know, and deliberately fail to acknowledge, that if there's a genuine religious test ongoing, it is Obama & Company's and his Obama-centric media's.  They continue not to report on, nor to rescue, Christians from the same areas of the Mideast who are being persecuted, tortured, and murdered by associates, friends, and families of the same Muslims migrating to Europe and to the Americas.

What we do get from Obama's religious test are dead Christians.  And, shortly, more dead Americans.

What we get from Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain enabled by America's left-wing media is "Why doesn't America take in our brothers?" as they cynically have refused to resettle, on their own soil, not a single one of their own.

That is the issue – not Trump's currently unenforceable "suggestion" limiting migrants on our soil, of whom at least 25% approve of, if not yet participate, in jihad.  You see, San Bernardino never happened.  And look, it is also true, as president Barry claims, that more people are murdered by intelligent, self-motivating guns who have no human pulling the triggers than people murdered by jihadis pulling triggers.  It is also true that more innocents were murdered by jihad in Paris this year than all the mass shootings under the 7-year "leadership" of America's Dear Leader.

Reason and logic – and historical context – have never been a liberal strong suit, have they?

Every time you hear a media bozo talk about Trump's megalomania and racism, don't bother to think of Muslim racism or supremacy over the Christians whose heads were surgically removed on that Libyan beach and then skewered on pogo sticks for display...because they never met Barack Obama's religious test.