Egyptian TV admits Islam has no ties to Jerusalem

Egyptian TV has been infamous for decades for its Arab-Nazi programming.

Every Egyptian leader from Nasser through Sadat to Mubarak has enshrined Nazi Jew-hatred in mainstream Egyptian culture out of both conviction and political calculation.  Nasser, trained by Nazis as a youth, spread the genocidal conspiracy theories of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion… On the Ramadan following 9/11, Mubarak presided over a thirty-week-long TV series dramatizing Elders and its genocidal message.  

So when Egypt TV runs a series of interviews declaring that Islam has no connection and no claim on Jerusalem, it is news-worthy.  Could it be a sign that Egypt understands their state-sponsored anti-semitism, used cynically to direct their people’s anger at Israel as a scapegoat, has backfired, and is fueling the jihadi threat to their own government?  If Egypt were to abandon their Nazi heritage it would be of historic importance.

The Egypt TV interviews are a repudiation of American liberal media, which has taken to shameful support of jihadi claims that the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem never existed and that Jews have no historical connection to the land of Israel.

The Egypt TV interviews were with Prof. Ziedan, the director of the museum in the Library of Alexandria, a well-known lecturer, university professor, columnist, and author of fifty-plus books.

Professor Ziedan told his Egyptian audience: "The religious aspect of the [Israeli-Arab] conflict is nonsense. … The only reason why Muslims insist on the sanctity of Jerusalem is simply politics."

Hat tip: Hillel Fendel and Chaim Silberstein at