Dear Obama: Do you care about human rights in Cuba?

A year later, and not much has changed in Cuba.  We understand that change in Cuba is always very slow.  At the same time, the Obama administration did not offer any pressure even "un poquito" (a little bit) to do something about human rights.  Not surprisingly, Raúl Castro reacted to President Obama by tightening his controls over the Cuban people.  In other words, they saw Obama's actions as a sign of weakness and have taken advantage of it to solidify their regime. This is how the Castro thugs are celebrating the first anniversary of the U.S.-Cuba announcement: Capitol HIll Cubans reports that 150 dissidents were arrested on Human Rights Day.  Weird way of saying that this is the change we've been waiting for.  Cuban dissidents in the regime's prisons are still waiting for the change. Breitbart reports that those people freed after the U.S.-Cuba deal are now back in prison.  The title of that movie...(Read Full Post)