Congress moves to endorse Islamic blasphemy laws

There is a bill before Congress (HR569) that singles out hate speech against Muslims.  And then some.  As of this writing, the resolution, which is nothing short of sharia law, has 82 co-sponsors.  All of them are Democrats.  And while the bill has little to no chance of passing, it is a window into our future if we don’t change the self-destructive course we are on with respect to how we understand and relate to the Quran and those who follow its teachings.

The Gates of Vienna reports on this chilling reality – one we may have called creeping sharia in the not so distant past but is advancing at such a rapid pace and across such a broad spectrum of our society that “creeping” is now an outmoded term.  It’s racing, and it’s infecting every nook and cranny of our culture.

HR569 is just one of the latest stabs aimed at the heart of America.  It is Islamic supremacy and dhimmitude in action, as it elevates Muslims to a protected class, superior in position to all others.

Here is what the resolution says:

Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.

Whereas the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes and rhetoric have faced physical, verbal, and emotional abuse because they were Muslim or believed to be Muslim;

Whereas the constitutional right to freedom of religious practice is a cherished United States value and violence or hate speech towards any United States community based on faith is in contravention of the Nation’s founding principles;

Whereas there are millions of Muslims in the United States, a community made up of many diverse beliefs and cultures, and both immigrants and native-born citizens;

Whereas this Muslim community is recognized as having made innumerable contributions to the cultural and economic fabric and well-being of United States society;

Whereas hateful and intolerant acts against Muslims are contrary to the United States values of acceptance, welcoming, and fellowship with those of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures;

Whereas these acts affect not only the individual victims but also their families, communities, and the entire group whose faith or beliefs were the motivation for the act;

Whereas Muslim women who wear hijabs, headscarves, or other religious articles of clothing have been disproportionately targeted because of their religious clothing, articles, or observances; and

Whereas the rise of hateful and anti-Muslim speech, violence, and cultural ignorance plays into the false narrative spread by terrorist groups of Western hatred of Islam, and can encourage certain individuals to react in extreme and violent ways: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

  1. expresses its condolences for the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes;
  2. steadfastly confirms its dedication to the rights and dignity of all its citizens of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures;
  3. denounces in the strongest terms the increase of hate speech, intimidation, violence, vandalism, arson, and other hate crimes targeted against mosques, Muslims, or those perceived to be Muslim;
  4. recognizes that the United States Muslim community has made countless positive contributions to United States society;
  5. declares that the civil rights and civil liberties of all United States citizens, including Muslims in the United States, should be protected and preserved;
  6. urges local and Federal law enforcement authorities to work to prevent hate crimes; and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those perpetrators of hate crimes; and
  7. reaffirms the inalienable right of every citizen to live without fear and intimidation, and to practice their freedom of faith.

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the ignorant cowards in Congress who are co-sponsoring this outlandish resolution.  These are the 82 people who want to make us second-class citizens in our own country.  These are the Democrats who are either ignorant or intentionally whitewashing the truth about Islam.  Either way, none of them deserves to be a dog catcher, much less a congressional representative.

Ashford, Beyer (sponsor; Va.-8), Brady (Penn.), Bustos, Butterfield, Capps,  Carson (Ind.), Castor (Fla.), Chu (Calif.), Clark (Mass.), Cohen, Connolly, Conyers, Crowley, Delaney, DelBene, Dingell, Doyle (Penn.), Edwards, Ellison, Esty, Farr, Gallego, Grayson, Green (Texas), Grijalva, Gutierrez, Hastings, Higgins, Hinjojosa, Heck (Wash.), Honda, Johnson (Ga.), Johnson (Texas), Kaptur, Keating, Kelly (Ill.), Kennedy, Kildee, Langevin, Lee, Loebsack, Lofgren, Maloney, Matsui, McCollum, McDermott, Meeks, Meng, Moore, Norton, (N.Y.), Pallone, Pascrell, Peters, Pocan, Polis, Price (N.C.), Quigley, Rangel, Ryan (Ohio), Sanchez (Calif.), Schakowsky, Serrano, Schiff, Schultz, Sires, Takai, Takano, Tonko, Tsongas, Van Hollen, Wasserman Wilson (Fla.), and Yarmuth.

As noted at the Gates of Vienna, the fact that 82 Democrats have co-sponsored this resolution will be used to validate the Muslim Brotherhood’s claims (via their various front groups) that hate crimes against Muslims have increased.  Never mind that Jews are targeted more than any other religious group for hate crimes, at a rate five to ten times more than Muslims.  In addition, although the resolution won’t pass, it’s an effective tool the M.B. can use to garner support in the Muslim community, in the media, among uninformed members of the electorate, and/or with useful idiots.  In addition, the M.B. can tout the resolution having 82 co-sponsors while also creating a backdrop against which to frame Republicans as racist, Islamophobic bigots who don’t care about or who outright support hate speech against Muslims.

This is a snapshot of things to come if we don’t change course.  Creeping sharia no longer creeps.  It is fully out in the open, and it is on the march.  This is what happens when you have an Islmophile for a president, your government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the clueless masses are hapless victims of media malpractice on the subject of Islam (and so many other topics).

Ring in the New Year by finding a hapless soul and exposing him to a taste of the truth.

Hat tip: Counter Jihad Report

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