Clueless president says America is changing for the better

President Obama gave an interview to National Public Radio that reveals someone who is out of touch with reality and oblivious to the destruction he has caused the country.

Here are a few quotes from that interview that show that the president hasn't a clue about the state of mind of the country.


The question of who is an American is one that has remained constant throughout the history of the country, Obama told interviewer Steve Inskeep.

“That's at the center of the American experience," the president said, according to a transcript of the conversation, set to air in three parts over the course of the week. "You pick any year or any decade in American history and this question has been wrestled with. Sometimes it pops up a little more prominently, sometimes it gets tamped down a little bit, but this has been true since the founding and the central question of slavery, and who is a citizen and who is not. So I don't think there's anything new about it. I do think that the country is inexorably changing, I believe in all kinds of positive ways."

Change is, in fact, the essence of America.  It's part of our revolutionary nature that we continue to reinvent ourselves.  Every 4 or 8 years, we have the opportunity to remake  the country.  So this part, at least, is true.

But change is never "inexorable."  That is a deterministic (Marxist) view of history.  Rather, change is adaptation and innovation – free people choosing freely, changing the country one person, one family, one community at a time.  There is nothing inexorable about it.

In addressing campus protests that have taken place across the country over the last year, Obama called such activism "a good thing" but warned students against trying to force those with whom they disagree into silence. "If somebody doesn't believe in affirmative action, they may disagree — you may disagree with them. I disagree with them, but have an argument with them," he remarked. "It is possible for somebody not to be racist and want a just society but believe that that is something that is inconsistent with the Constitution. And you should engage."

Obama cited his teenage daughters, Sasha and Malia, and their friends as indicators of a "more tolerant," "more welcoming," "more sophisticated" future, but at the same time acknowledged financial and technology stressors related to globalization as a reason for "potential anger, frustration" and "fear" on the part of "particularly blue-collar men."

"Some of it justified, but just misdirected," he said, remarking that someone like Trump "is taking advantage" of the circumstances and "exploiting" those fears and anxieties through the course of his six months campaigning to succeed Obama.

Expecting BLM and other campus tyrants to suddenly become tolerant of other viewpoints shows that the president hasn't a clue what's going on in colleges across the country.  The whole point of their protests is that you cannot disagree with them and not be thought a racist or sexist pig.  They have ascended to a higher moral authority than everyone else and have become arbiters of race, sex, and culture on campus.

Don't you wish Obama practiced what he preached by becoming more tolerant of opposing views on such issues as climate change, terrorism, etc.?  Not going to happen.

On the Islamic State, the president once again reveals that he is out of touch with reality and the opinions of the American people:

"This is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us institutionally or in a systematic way," he continued. "But they can hurt us, and they can hurt our people and our families. So I understand why people are worried. The most damage they can do, though, is if they start changing how we live and what our values are. Part of my message over the next 14 months or 13 months that I am — remain in office is to just make sure that we remember who we are and make sure that our resilience, our values, our unity are maintained. If we do that then ISIL will be defeated.”

No – ISIS will be defeated when they are dead.  The terrorists could give a fig about our "values" or our "unity."  The American people can't understand why the president doesn't share their desire for self-preservation when he constantly makes clear that survival is a secondary impulse to not acting beastly toward Muslims, and not doing everything possible to vet refugees and immigrants from countries that have a large terrorist presence.

In essence, the president thinks that an occassional mass casualty terrorist attack is a small price to pay to show the world how wonderfully tolerant we can be.  If this is the "positive change" he is talking about, we're in deep trouble.

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