Climate corruption

Cheating and corruption plague the climate business.

Here are just five examples.

First, we have seen countries and corporations caught cheating  e.g., China understating their emissions, VW overstating their engine performance, Spanish solar speculators selling “solar power” at night (from diesel generators), Indian entrepreneurs building “dirty” factories so they can then close them to earn carbon credits, Russia manipulating the rules to earn credits from the collapse of decrepit Soviet-era factories, anti-industry NGOs posing as charities, and vested interests like wind, solar, oil, and gas secretly bagging competitors like coal.

Spain learns to generate solar power at night, using diesel generators.

There’s big money in global warming alarmism.

Second, we see lazy, incompetent, or biased reporters failing to mention that drought, floods, fires, storms, hurricanes, and melting ice are not unusual and have happened many times in the past.

Third, “scientists” ignore the rules of science by claiming effects or correlations as causes, ignoring inconvenient evidence, using dodgy data, tampering with temperature records to create fake “global warming” trends, and organizing pal-review of dubious papers.

Massive alteration to temperature data-sets.

The Depths of the Climateers’ Deceptions.

Fourth, we have mendicant island states claiming imminent inundation from rising sea levels despite tide gauges and satellites showing that nothing unusual is happening.

Tuvalu’s prime minister says his country is being expected to provide unreasonably robust scientific evidence.

Finally, we see politicians with hidden agendas exaggerating warming dangers while ignoring warming benefits, pushing propaganda as education, and lying about the “pollution” supposedly caused by the gas of life carbon dioxide.

The climate “industry” produces little that can be sold to willing consumers in an open market.  It comprises an overflowing tub of handouts and privileges extracted from taxpayers and handed out by officials as research grants, travel allowances, fat salaries, carbon credits, climate aid, green energy subsidies, tax breaks to energy speculators, price support schemes, protected markets, and punitive taxes and regulations to punish consumers who dare to use hydrocarbon fuels.

In every exchange of goods and services in the real economy, both parties are alert to ensure honest dealing and real value.  Of course, waste, cheating, and breach of contract do occur, but they are not endemic, because they are so much harder to effect with two suspicious auditors present at the close.

The global warming business, however, thrives on bribes funded by other people’s money.  The taxpayer is never present when deals are done, so glad-handing officials and politicians use the funds to pursue their agendas, and the recipients of climate aid do and say whatever is needed to keep the funds flowing.  Neither party cares about getting value for those who pay  taxpayers and energy users.

This climate of corruption is approaching a tipping point – the overburdened victims are ready to revolt.