#Bring Back Our Education

From the same clueless administration that brought you the failed #Bring Back Our Girls campaign, their high concept contemporary idea to rescue over 270 black Christian Nigerian girls abducted by Nigerian terrorists to use as sex slaves, comes a failed high concept contemporary idea to encourage young people to get an education.  Well no, to go to college.  (There is a difference.)  A rap video.  

Michelle Obama holding up a sign did not frighten the girls' abductors to return them. But will a cutesy rap with her "husband," Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah, who plays him on the show, encourage students to go to college?

And, more importantly, is college the solution for everyone getting a job?  What happens when students who majored in say, gender studies or film making, hot house students who demand safe spaces and politically correct words and behavior from all, learn they can't intimidate those in the workplace the way they did in college?  Assuming they even get a job of course.  

And is college the answer for all?  Not all jobs require college.  For example, "Ten Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well," "13 Highest Paying Jobs of 2015 You Don't Need A Degree For", "10 High-Paying Jobs For High School Graduates"

And for many young people, education problems don't begin with college.  Elementary and high schools filled with disruptive students, schools with trendy curriculums but which have dropped the vocational subjects that helped so many students of past generations are also part of the problem.  But elites don't think about these things in that.

And btw, many of the rappers didn't go to college and are doing quite well..  And despite what Michelle and Jay rap, astrologists are still in demand; papers still have astrology columns, not astronomy ones for some reason. 

I know, I know, I'm so culturally narrow.

But who am I to dispute the rhyming wisdom of Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah?