As Sweden goes, so goes the West

Sweden is on the bleeding edge of the West’s march into its self-dug grave.  The chaos unfolding is a direct result of the country’s official policy to become a multicultural nation, which received a unanimous vote in Parliament forty years ago.  But abandoning their national identity and importing barbarians would necessarily have consequences.  And so, as these new and presumably wonderful cultures have reached a critical mass and the native Swedish population has declined, those consequences have taken hold. And so now chaos reigns in Sweden. The Gatestone Institute reports that since 1975, when the Swedish Parliament voted to become a multicultural society, crime skyrocked to over 300% of what it had been.  Rape increased so dramatically that Sweden is now the “rape capital” of Europe and ranks second for rape in the entire world.  Swedes are terrified when asylum houses open in their neighborhoods.  Firearm sales are...(Read Full Post)