As Sweden goes, so goes the West

Sweden is on the bleeding edge of the West’s march into its self-dug grave.  The chaos unfolding is a direct result of the country’s official policy to become a multicultural nation, which received a unanimous vote in Parliament forty years ago.  But abandoning their national identity and importing barbarians would necessarily have consequences.  And so, as these new and presumably wonderful cultures have reached a critical mass and the native Swedish population has declined, those consequences have taken hold.

And so now chaos reigns in Sweden.

The Gatestone Institute reports that since 1975, when the Swedish Parliament voted to become a multicultural society, crime skyrocked to over 300% of what it had been.  Rape increased so dramatically that Sweden is now the “rape capital” of Europe and ranks second for rape in the entire world.  Swedes are terrified when asylum houses open in their neighborhoods.  Firearm sales are increasing, with one out of five sales to women.  More and more vigilante groups are forming as Swedes recognize that the government cannot and will not protect them.  There is also great demand for alarm systems.  And there are active discussions on social media among Swedes sharing ideas on how to protect themselves.

They know they are on their own.

Few Swedes bother to call the police, who typically do not respond.  And with police stations shut down in small towns and villages, increasing numbers of businesses (some of which are robbed nearly every night) hire security guards.  But that often proves ineffectual, because once the guards catch a criminal, it can take hours for the police to arrive, if they arrive at all.  Often they tell the guards to release the criminal because they cannot respond.

Meanwhile, Swedish politicians have their heads in the sand and ignore the grave situation unfolding.

The politicians, however, ignore the people's fear completely. It is never discussed. Instead, the people who express concern about what kind of country Sweden has become are accused of xenophobia and racism. Most likely, that is the reason more and more people are taking matters into their own hands, and protecting themselves and their families to the best of their ability.

All the same, some people do not settle for that. It seems some people are trying to stop mass immigration to Sweden. Almost every day there are reports of fires being set at asylum houses. So far, miraculously, no one has been hurt.

This is what happens when citizens become stripped of their voice and have no representation.

But the Swedish government still doesn’t care, as citizens who are concerned about the breakdown of social norms and values continues apace.  To say that Swedish politicians ignore what is going on would be an understatement.  It’s far worse than that.  They continue to embrace “multiculturalism” even in the face of their country descending into anarchy.

Nevertheless, in official Sweden, the imminent collapse is ignored. Instead, journalists exclusively focus on attacks by supposedly “racist” Swedes on refugee centers. To prevent new fires, the Immigration Service decided on October 28 that from now on, all asylum facilities would have secret addresses. And meager police resources will now be stretched even further -- to protect asylum seekers….

… [Prime Minister] Löfven had recently said that, “We should have the option of relocating people applying for asylum in Sweden to other EU-countries. Our ability, too, has a limit. We are facing a paradigm shift.” That comment led a representative of Finland's Finns Party (Sannfinländarna) to wonder, with a hint of irony, how mass immigration to Sweden, which for years Swedish politicians have touted as being so profitable, has now suddenly become a burden.

“A burden”?  I’d say Sweden is way past the “burden” stage and well on its way to ruin.

Pay attention, Americans!  We’re headed down the same path.  Our country may be larger, and we may not be at the point Sweden is, but we’re going down the same road, and all the warnings signs are there.

We must win in 2016.  And we must have a candidate who gets it.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch

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