Anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish hate crimes: Different strokes

The Christmas Day firebombing of a Houston mosque got plenty of attention.  Perhaps because of all the pressure, a perp was rapidly arrested – and, to the embarrassment of all those Islamophobia-mongers, turned out to be a faithful attendee, five times a day, seven days a week.  CAIR was quick to cry "bias":

Mustafaa Carroll, who is the executive director for the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called on law enforcement to investigate, citing a recent spike in vandalism to mosques that have prompted hate crime investigations.

"We urge law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for this fire," he said in a statement.

To the north and west of Texas, in the state of Nevada, some stupid prankster left a strip of bacon draped over the handles of a mosque located outside of Las Vegas.  Not only is it being treated as a possible hate crime, but the FBI is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the man seen on surveillance video placing the bacon on the door handles.


And to think that about a year ago, when multiple swastikas appeared scattered throughout my neighborhood, I was told by law enforcement that it was probably just a bunch of kids acting up.  The message was loud and clear: the police didn’t take it very seriously and, indeed, it took several weeks before the swastikas were removed.

Obnoxious prank involving food that is forbidden under Islamic law on the door to a mosque = hate crime that warrants an FBI reward vs. swastikas, which are a symbol of genocide against Jews = childish prank.

OK.  Got it.

Of note, the majority of hate crimes based on religion are against Jews.  But what’s typically covered in the media are hate crimes (including those that are fabricated, such as here, here, and here) against Muslims.  And ironically, it’s worth noting that as religiosity rises in Islamic communities, so does anti-Semitism.  As a result, as the Muslim population in America rises, so too will anti-Semitism (as we see occurring in Europe).

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to cover that story.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch, Your Houston News, Atlas Shrugs, Las Vegas Review Journal, Algemeiner