A.F. Branco's 'Comically Incorrect'

Cartoonist A.F. Branco, who has delighted and enlightened AT readers for years, has published a coffee table book collecting some of his greatest hits.

Tony says:

“I don’t have a huge media mega force to promote my new book to the masses, so basically I have to count on the word of mouth of all my friends who enjoy my creative political excursions to “SHARE” this with their friends far and wide. Book contains some of my best stuff over the last few years. A great Christmas gift for any conservative, or any liberal needing some enlightenment. LOL – please share Thank you!!! ~A.F. Branco

The book is available at a $5 discount off the $24.95 list price at Patriot Depot (where they throw in a calendar of Branco’s cartoons as well) and at list price at Amazon.

At Patriot Depot only you can purchase an autographed copy for $29.95.

It’s just in time for the holidays, so get it before they ban Christmas.  Or bust Tony for questioning Obama’s divinity.  Or both.