Trump vs. Clinton...a dogfight I'd pay to see

The single factor driving Donald Trump’s popularity more than any other is his willingness to proclaim publicly those politically incorrect truths the public yearns to hear, yet which few other Republican candidates will utter for fear of media backlash.  Those self-censoring candidates should have taken closer note of the wave of favorable public response when some of those candidates pushed back against liberal debate moderators.  But instead of riding that wave of popular sentiment, for the most part, they have let their old fears of politically correct blowback force them back into their narrow campaign kennels, meekly muzzled by the mainstream media.  In a way, it’s hard to condemn them; they’re like old dogs fearing to bark because they’ve been beaten for doing so by the liberal media since they were political puppies.  Sure, Cruz and Christie tend to have a low tolerance for media arrogance, but even they appear meek compared to the indomitable Donald, the big dog who won’t stop barking and very frequently biting.

That tendency to bite has to have the Clintons worried, because if Donald ends up dog on dog against Hillary, there’s not going to be any pussyfooting around the Clintons’ sordid history, folks.  Nope, it’s going to be a full-on, cold-nosed sniff-out of every skeleton in that closet that the Clintons and their loyalists have managed through deceit and deception to keep jammed closed to the American public.  Where any other Republican opponent might make oblique references to the Clinton scandals of the past, you can bet that the Big Dog will be digging in those closets and dragging those malodorous political and moral skeletons out and chewing them to pieces, bone by fetid bone.

Like millions of Americans, I’m put off by Trump’s clownery, much of which I suspect is an act, a persona adapted for the campaign, which permits him to carry off the role of the non-politician attack dog.  But I also suspect I’m like millions of Americans in being delighted at seeing a candidate who is demonstrating that in a campaign dogfight, he’ll not only be chasing Hillary all over the pen, nipping at her more than ample hindquarters, but also be roaring straight into that doghouse mansion where she’s been hiding Ol’ Bill and drag that graying old hound (wink-wink) out by the scruff of his neck, puttin’ a whuppin’ on his legacy that’s been needed for a long, long time.

I’d pay to see that dogfight, even if the price of admission is a vote for Donald Trump.

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