WSJ shows its colors

Occasionally an organization demonstrates what it stands for by a simple lack of action.

While the Saturday, November 7 edition of the Wall Street Journal dedicated over half a page to the now defunct Politico story about how the Ben Carson campaign confirmed that he had gotten his story incorrect regarding his alleged West Point "scholarship," a complete fabrication on the part of Politico, there was no mention in the entire publication of the newly released nondisclosure agreement (NDA) signed by Hillary Clinton and dated January 22, 2009.

On Friday, November 6, in typical Friday dump fashion, the State Department released Hillary Clinton's nondisclosure agreement, which, until this point, the State Department would not even acknowledge existed.  Of course, this document had to be secured by a FOIA request from the CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute) and was not disclosed via the "most transparent administration in history," which seems to have forgotten that we the people own the government and have a right to these documents.

The Wall Street Journal is an extension of Wall Street itself and the establishment.  Normally, people would assume that Wall Street would support the more right-leaning, pro-business Republican side, but that is not the case.  More Wall Street support went to Ms. Clinton than to any other candidate.  They support whoever accepts their donations and will represent their lobbying efforts when a new administration is sworn in, as demonstrated by the lack of reporting of the Clinton NDA document release.

In a separate opinion piece at the WSJ, also dated November 7, Kimberly Strassel goes to extraordinary lengths to explain away Marco Rubio's misuse of a party credit card while speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.  While Mr. Rubio's credit card use is open to interpretation, one has to ask why the extended coverage of the Ben Carson issue, a total lack of coverage of the Hillary Clinton NDA disclosure, and a Rubio defense, all on the same day.

As with Ms. Clinton, Marco Rubio is indebted to the Wall Street establishment because of the street's never-ending campaign financing of their professional political careers.  While many other Republican candidates are offering up a flat tax, filings on a postcard, and even the elimination of the IRS, the establishment candidates will continue offering the same old maneuver of lowering tax rates, extending tax credits to a particular group, and avoiding the elimination of the tax code as we know it.  If the establishment candidates did offer a total retool of our tax system, they would have to eliminate the carve-outs for the establishment that are helping them secure the presidency.

As demonstrated by Messrs. Trump and Carson, leading in the polls for an extended period of time and to the befuddlement of the establishment, the people may have finally decided to wake up and take back their country.  The attacks will grow, and publications like the WSJ will increase their support for the establishment, while at the same time attacks on the others will increase.

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