Will the NFL boycott Houston for keeping boys out of girls' showers?

When the left loses referendums, it pushes economic boycotts to get its way.  That's what happened in Indiana, where Mike Pence, who has the backbone of silly putty, turned a law that was supposed to protect wedding preparers from participating in gay marriage into a law promoting homosexual unions and so-called "transgenderism."

Now that Houston has rejected a law that would have required schools to let disguised boys shower with young girls in schools (and other places), there is some talk that there may be an economic backlash – notably that the NFL may not hold the Super Bowl in Houston because of it.

Ric Campo, a real estate developer who is the chairman of the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, said the committee has had conversations with National Football League officials about the ordinance. “I don’t think it’s the straw that creates the imbalance where you don’t get a Super Bowl or lose a Super Bowl, but it’s definitely part of the equation when people make decisions,” Mr. Campo said.

I don't know if this is simply a rumor started by the pro-"boys in the girls bathroom" faction or if it is true, but it needs to be treated as real unless the NFL disavows it.  Do businesses like the NFL really think it is a good idea for people who are physically male, even registered sex offenders, to be able to go into locker rooms and showers with women?  We need to hear their views on this.

Actually, the NFL should be boycotting cities who have such repugnant ordinances.  When was the last time a corporation announced a boycott of a town or state because of a perverted social ordinance?  Why isn't anyone boycotting Fort Worth or San Antonio for exposing young girls to predators?  If people don't speak out, companies will feel safe to promote an "inclusive" and perverted agenda.

And where is the Texas legislature on this?  They could outlaw this kind of foolishness but seem to be silent on the issue.  Where is the outrage when taxpayer money is used to teach men to talk like women?  Where is the outrage when the White House appoints a personnel director who is a man disguised as a woman?  And where is the outrage when a woman gives her son estrogen pills?  All it takes is silence to allow these bad things to continue to happen.

Exit question: Do you think the NFL will boycott Houston for voting to keep girls safe from boys in locker rooms?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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