Why would Bill Kristol want to make a Hillary victory inevitable?

Last week in an article titled "Ben Carson Reconsidered," destined for the November 16 print edition of The Weekly Standard, "conservative" pundit William Kristol shows just how willing he is to risk a Hillary Clinton presidency and all its concomitant damage.  He's willing to risk such simply to prevent an outsider from ascending to that office.  In a two (internet)-page article, Dr. Kristol excoriates Donald Trump while damning Dr. Ben Carson with faint praise.  Here is his final statement:

So while Carson probably won’t and likely shouldn’t be the nominee, the Republican party is better for his candidacy. And if the unthinkable happens and Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, we may take off a few days next year to gather ballot access signatures for the 2016 independent ticket of Carson-Webb, or Webb-Carson.

On the one hand, he does give some lackluster support for Dr. Carson as a party-strengthener, but one who couldn't get elected, while on the other he posits an independent ticket with Carson on the bottom and a failed Democrat presidential candidate, former secretary of the Navy Jim Webb, on the top.  Can anyone out there come up with a better method to ensure a Clinton presidency?  Does Dr. Kristol truly believe that a Webb-Carson or Carson-Webb ticket will pull votes from Hillary Clinton? 

I don't know about other conservatives, but I would personally low-crawl through a mile of broken glass to help ensure that Hillary Clinton doesn't get a chance to appoint two, maybe three Supreme Court justices, thus continuing the erosion of liberty accelerated in the past 7 years.

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