Where's the best place to house colonizers?

Colonizers are a top priority in Germany.  And if you’re going to invite hundreds of thousands, as Chancellor Merkel has done, it’s only right you provide some accommodations.  I mean, Germans do have good manners, nicht wahr?  And so I bring you a 21st-century tour of where Germany is housing some of their new friends.

A church: The Evangelical Church of Rhineland is eager to serve as a shelter for “refugees.”  But before they can be moved in, the pews, altar, and pulpit will have to be removed.  Once the refugees arrive, the parish will take care for them.  And if the people the church is so eager to embrace come with a holy book that calls for their subjugation, well, oops (here).

Youth hostels: Many longstanding reservations have been rescheduled, and some hostels are not booking new reservations so they can make room for nearly 4,000 colonizers who will be housed through the winter months.  Sorry to all you young people who had plans to tool around Germany; you’ll have to find some other place to go that is affordable.  Strangers who don’t like us come first, you know (here)!

Hotels: Some, including a four-star hotel, have been told they must house migrants.  As a result, countless hotel employees lost their jobs.  That’s what a lifetime of hard work gets you in Germany these days (here and here).

An airport: The army builds bunk beds and sets them up in an airport ready for the new arrivals.  How sad to see the military making beds for those who embrace a totalitarian ideology that seeks to destroy us (here).  (The third photo down in the article really says it all.)

Private homes: Germans are being kicked out of their own homes to accommodate colonizers.  What a fallback plan.  There’s nothing that says dhimmitude like telling Germans they must vacate their home because an invader needs a place to stay (here).

Buchenwald concentration camp memorial: Although most of the original buildings have been demolished, there are non-original structures on the grounds that some refugees have moved into.  Nothing is sacred in the new Germany (a place where at least one town exempts Muslims from school trips to concentration camps) (here and here).

Of course, no matter what the Germans do to make their new friends feel at home, it’s not good enough.  “Migrants” demand apartments as they find accommodations in a gymnasium unacceptable (here).  They complain the internet is slow, there are no cigarettes, and the food is bad (here).  Oh my goodness.  We are so sorry.  We’re moving as fast as we can to dismantle our once great culture for you.  Please be patient with us.  We’re not as smart as we used to be.

Meanwhile, if none of this sits well with some Germans, they can leave!  (But before you leave, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d like your children to clean up and serve our new friends from Islamic lands.  And please cover up, ladies, lest you force a new import to rape you [here, here, here, and here]).

Why?  Why?  Why?

Angela Merkel is clutching a guilt-driven, now romantic notion, of Germany atoning for past sins as she describes the influx as “breathtaking,” while noting it will change Germany forever.  “What we are experiencing now is something that will occupy and change our country in coming years.  The world sees Germany as a country of hope and opportunity – that was not always the case.”

And there it is.

Merkel finds the influx “breathtaking.”  Not horrific, outrageous, or threatening.  Not a mass invasion that must be stopped.  But “breathtaking.”  As in, what a breathtaking sunset.  She is beyond rose-colored glasses.  She’s outright hallucinating.

And her acknowledgement that what she’s doing will change her nation is so bizarre, it boggles a normal mind.  Until you read the sentence that follows, where it all becomes clear.  The change Germany will undergo is one she sees as a symbol of a new Germany – a Germany finally seen as a place of hope and opportunity.

The question is, hope and opportunity for whom, and toward what end?  Any thinking person knows the answer to that.  The hope and opportunity to which she refers are not for the German people, as Merkel exchanges one group (native Germans) for another (Muslims).  And the other will be the downfall of Germany as we know it.

Welcome to the caliphate, where Merkel’s new Germany has no more Germans.  Only Muslims and dhimmis.

(Huge) Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

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