What Democrat leader will tell the 'Black Lives Matter' protesters to grow up and respect others?

Last week, Secretary Clinton was interrupted by "Black Lives Matter" protesters.  It went like this, according to news reports: Clinton pleaded with the group to listen to her policy proposals. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, I have some — I have some issues to discuss and some proposals to make,” she said.  “If our friends will allow me to do it, they may actually find them to their liking.” Clinton supporters tried to drown out the protesters with chants of “Hillary!” and "Let her talk!" The Democratic front-runner ignored the protests and tried to continue with her speech for several minutes.  Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed went up on stage in a show of support to Clinton. “Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it, and I appreciate the congressman and the mayor having my back,” Clinton said. The protesters were eventually removed from the...(Read Full Post)