US government officially closes its eyes to genocide against ME Christians

The Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to deny Christians in the Middle East any relief from their horrific plight. The door to the United States has been closed using an obscure bureaucratic angle that withholds recognition of official refugee status for Christians fleeing ISIS. And now an unnamed State Department representative has signaled that Middle Eastern Christians may be excluded from an official declaration of genocide. Per a report at NRO, Yazidis will be officially recognized as victims of genocide. And rightfully so. But Christians are not slated to be. And while this may seem like meaningless bureaucratic garbage compared to the reality that is unfolding in the Middle East, the implications are significant.

First, it would continue to render invisible the genocide that is being committed against Christians in the Middle East. There are no adquate words to describe this disgrace, but sin comes to mind. For an overview of the savagery that has been, and continues to be, inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East, see the short summary of part of the NRO article, below.

ISIS has been enforcing its “convert or die” policy against Christians.

Thousands have been kidnapped and murdered by ISIS.

Some executions are videotaped and used as threats against those held captive.

Those who refuse to renounce their faith have been raped, beheaded, or crucified.

Women and girls have been enslaved and sexually abused.

Christians have been systematically stripped of all their wealth.

Christian homes are marked with the red letter N for “Nazarene.”

Members of the clergy have been assassinated.

Churches and ancient monasteries have been demolished or desecrated.

Second, whether or not a group receives an official genocide designation has far reaching implications. Again, summarizing part of the NRO article pertaining to how a genocide designation impacts American policy toward persecuted groups:

The US can assist with the restoration of stolen land and property.

Various forms of aid start to flow.

Asylum can be granted.

Most significantly, according to the Geneva Convention, without an official designation of genocide, no country, including the United States would be legally bound to take any action to protect or prevent the assault – the genocide – against Christians.

As madness reigns, transforming the United States and the entire world into a place where evil is taking hold, there are echoes of sanity here and there. On the matter of an official genocide designation for Christians in the Middle East, bipartisan House Resolution 75 proposes that genocide is being faced not only by Yazidis, but by Christians and other minority groups in the Middle East.

Please call your elected officials and urge them to support this bill. Like so many things, it’s a no brainer. And yet we are living in a time when the most obvious things require a massive grass roots effort. And even then, we are more often than not, thwarted. But we must always try.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

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