'The terrorists are to blame for the terrorism'

While decent people everywhere were condemning the latest terrorist attack in Paris, speaking  at a cabinet meeting after the latest terrorist atrocity in Israel,  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went further, bluntly

(Ok, I realize I'm being judgmental and non inclusive about decency, not to mention committing macro aggression against those I deem indecent and/or mock but I'm fine with that.)

 In Israel, as in France, terrorism is terrorism and standing behind it is radical Islam and its desire to destroy its victims. The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism. The time has come for countries to condemn terrorism against us to the same degree that they condemn terrorism everywhere else in the world. It would be proper for Abu Mazen, who condemned the attack in France yesterday, to condemn ruthless terrorism against innocent people in Israel and fight the incitement that motivates it.

We should remember - we are not to blame for the terrorism directed against us, just as the French are not to blame for the terrorism directed against them. It is the terrorists who are to blame for terrorism, not the territories, not the settlements and not any other thing. It is the desire to destroy us that perpetuates this conflict and drives the murderous aggression against us.

Lastly, the terrorists who attack us have the same murderous intent as those in Paris. Thanks to our aggressive policy against terrorism - to control the ground, go into the villages, demolish terrorists' homes and take preventive action against the infrastructures of terrorism - along with the determined action of the IDF and the security services in carrying out this policy, we succeed many times in frustrating and preventing more serious disasters."

That's it!  No apologetics about the oppressive conditions in which the terrorists supposedly live (of their own making), climate change (ain't happening or lack of the sun's solar flares is not caused by humans) or the frustrations of youth; there were no pleas for understanding and sitting down together and talking things over or other trendy blah, blah, blah that excuses, explains or even praises such despicable acts when committed against Israel after every terror attack it endures or the US for September 11. 

Netanyahu also stated

Terrorism is the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians. It can never be justified. Terrorism must always be condemned. It must always be fought. Innocent people in Paris, like those in London, Madrid, Mumbai, Buenos Aires and Jerusalem, are the victims of militant Islamic terrorism, not its cause. As I've said for many years, militant Islamic terrorism attacks our societies because it wants to destroy our civilization and our values.

I call on the entire civilized world to unite to defeat the plague of worldwide terrorism. An attack on any one of us should be seen as an attack on all of us. All terrorism must be condemned and fought equally with unwavering determination. It's only with this moral clarity that the forces of civilization will defeat the savagery of terrorism."

The uncivilized, indecent world responded at #parisburns, blaming others, praising the terrorism, calling for more.   The Daily Caller displays  a sample. 

O crusaders we are coming to you With bombs and rifles Wait for us#باريس_تشتعل #prayforparis

— عزف الرصاص (@azve76) November 13, 2015

Allah akbar Yasterday night And to night There is very big big different To night is very good night just my light is ON #باريس_تشتعل — Aqill al somali (@aqill41) November 13, 2015

Off in the heartland, a DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) candidate for the Minnesota state house thought the terrorists were merely confused community organizers.

ISIS isns't necessarily evil.  It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community.  Violence is not the answer, though.

But the New York Daily News looked straight at terrorism, graphically portraying the evil that decent people condemned; the indecent praised. 

(Caution, trigger warning:  tender hot house college students and other leftists will think showing the horror from the definitely senior varsity terrorists upsetting and insensitive; therefore they should take their eyes and what's left of their brain to a safe space.  Those of us who understand evil, won't.)

We understand- - terrorists are to blame for the terrorism, not the victims!