The 'religious test' hypocrisy

As most AT readers know, President Obama recently scolded those who don’t want to admit “Syrian refugees” to the United States, saying there should not be a religious test.  He had the temerity to suggest it was “un-American,” as if being American means abandoning national security to exchange our lives and future for the lives of some other group of folks, many of whom hate us.

In any case, for all of Barry’s faux passion and outrage about religious tests, he had nary a word to say about the religious test that is the core of Islam – the test put forth to non-Muslims before terror strikes, sparing those who can recite passages from the Quran before massacring those who cannot.  The dead did not pass the religious test.

Obama does not speak about the religious test put forth to Yazidis and Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East when jihadists show up in their town and at their door and in their homes and demand they convert to Islam.  Or die.  Because they failed the religious test.

Obama does not speak about the religious test when “Palestinians” take to the streets of Israel and knife, or run over, or shoot Jews because they are Jews, with 23 murdered and 192 wounded in the most recent wave of attacks.  It’s a war against Jews because they fail the test.

Jihadists apply the ultimate religious test every single day: death to non-believers.  The test is as harsh as it gets.  Islamic doctrine is the ultimate religious test – one that’s been put to human beings around the globe for 14 centuries and counting.  And because everyone who is non-Muslim automatically fails the test, such people are forced to live as second-class citizens, pay the jizya tax, live as slaves, suffer all manner of mistreatment, and, in more cases than can be counted, be slaughtered.

How dare Barack Obama scold me or anyone else for demanding we do everything in our power to ensure that our nation is secure?  How dare he raise the idea of a religious test in the face of genocide sweeping across the Middle East, as individuals and families are wiped out because the religious test was put to them?  How dare this man stand upon the world stage and utter a single word on a single matter with a fake air of authority when he is, among so many things (and none of them good), a hypocrite of epic proportions?

I dare Barack Obama or anyone who supports admitting “Syrian refugees” to speak about the Islamic religious test that is blanketing the globe in darkness and death.

Islamic scripture is a doctrine of war, and anyone who is talking about other matters while circumventing this is a dangerous fool and has no business being in a position of power or having access to the bull horn.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch