The names of the people responsible for the massacres in France

The names of the people responsible for the massacres in France are as follows:

1) François Hollande, president of France

2) Angela Merkel, prime minister of Germany

3) David Cameron, prime minister of the U.K.

4) Stefan Lofven, prime minister of Sweden well as most of the other prime ministers and European heads of state.  Oh, and we must include the pope, too, who insistently called on Europe to take in more Muslim refugees.

All these people -- and their predecessors in office -- have the blood of the dead French citizens, and the other victims of radical Islam, on their hands.  They willingly and knowingly have imported millions of Muslims from barbaric Middle Eastern cultures.  They knew that many were military-age young men.  They knew that a substantial minority of them were supporters of radical Islam.

And then, when the unthinkable occurs, they act surprised and outraged and vow to secure their borders.  Well, it's a little too late for that now, isn't it?

If a zookeeper opens a lion cage and lets the lion wander outside, and the lion mauls some animal rights activists, you might blame the lion.  But it's the zookeeper who really bears the most blame, because the zookeeper should have known better.

Just as George W. Bush is indirectly responsible for the deaths and maimings at the Boston Marathon by letting the Muslim extremists who perpetrated the act into the country, so are these European leaders responsible for the carnage that has happened.

Many of these people are not even refugees.  Some are not even from Syria.  Syrian refugees who are Sunni should be taken in by the Arab Gulf states, who have plenty of land and money to support them with.  Syrian refugees who are Shi'ite should move to government-controlled areas or Iran.  There is no need for them to bring their radical ideology to Europe, no need for all these Europeans to die.

It's especially imperative that Republicans don't nominate someone like Jeb Bush, who calls for letting more of these potential killers in, or Marco Rubio, who says he wants more once they are "vetted," an impossibility when people are coming from a destroyed country with no records.

I feel sorry for the French dead, but Europeans, at least a majority of them, voted for the policies that led to this by electing these leaders.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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