The ISIS threat to United States

A new report on the threat of ISIS in the United States has been published at Breitbart prior to its release to the general public.  And the news is, predictably, not good.  Breitbart reports:

The Threat Knowledge Group (TKG), headed by Katherine C. Gorka, its President, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University and a Breitbart Contributor, released a comprehensive study Monday titled “ISIS: The Threat to the United States.” (snip)

“We wanted to do this study because we felt that the Administration was downplaying the domestic threat of ISIS, focusing instead on ‘right-wing extremism.’ The problem with that is that it means law enforcement is not prepared. They’re looking out the window while the threat is coming in the door,” she added.

Threat Knowledge Group supports the Defense Department and FBI with strategic analysis and training, and this latest report unveils the Islamic State’s recruitment network inside of the United States.

They found that over 250 people from the United States have attempted to join ISIS, according to a report from the House Homeland Security Committee. Also, some 82 individuals in the United States have been interdicted by federal agents as part of ISIS plots….

And the FBI already has almost 1,000 active ISIS investigations in the United States, the report adds. (snip)

TKG warns that the United States must steel itself for the “difficult times ahead” and be ready to counter the threats posed by ISIS inside of the United States. They recommend that U.S. officials follow five steps in countering the current threat environment.

Noted below are the five recommendations the report has put forth:

Stop downplaying the seriousness of the threat so that individuals and law enforcement can be properly prepared.

Recognize that ISIS is targeting youth, and do more to protect youth from radicalization. Educate those who work with youth about the indicators of radicalization. Hold parents criminally liable for not preventing their children from supporting ISIS where it can be established that they were aware of it.

Target the ideologues. Recognize the link between rhetoric that calls for the death of the infidel and acts of terrorism and interrupt the flow of such communication.

Better utilize open-source intelligence. Both domestic supporters as well as ISIS-central and Iraq and Syria are boldly announcing their plans and intentions. Law enforcement should take that intelligence seriously and act on it.

Screen refugees. While accepting those who flee from persecution and violence is a valued component of American tradition, we must acknowledge that ISIS and other terrorist groups may use the refugee track as a way to gain access to the United States with the purpose of carrying out an attack.

I’m thankful for this report and for every person involved in such efforts, including a giant like Sebastian Gorka.  However, I am skeptical of many of the recommendations.

First off, if we have to tell officials to stop downplaying the threat, we’re in very deep trouble.  And we are in deep trouble.  The Obama administration has misled the public on this threat, and Obama refuses to listen to those in the intelligence community who are advising him on it.  Who then must stop downplaying the threat?  Because the people who are downplaying it are doing so intentionally.

As for targeting ideologues, that’s certainly an important component in all of this.  But since a vast majority of these ideologues are imams and since we can no longer surveil mosques (courtesy of the Imam in Chief), just how are we supposed to “target the ideologues”?  In addition, since it is Islamic ideology as written in the Quran that is the foundation of terror, we should be talking about the need to speak the truth about Islam, which is a much broader idea than targeting ideologues.  Target the ideology!

Meanwhile, the recommendation to screen refugees is futile in light of the FBI’s unequivocal statement that we can’t adequately vet these folks.  Period.  End of story.  There is nothing more to discuss, debate, talk about, consider, ponder, or otherwise do.  In light of this (as well as the fact that such refugees embrace an ideology at odds with American values), the recommendation should be to close the door to them.

(But just for the heck of it, if suggestions are being made that have little chance of coming to fruition because the country is run by a calculating madman, why not recommend that the FBI’s training materials no longer be stripped of all references to Islam?)

As long as evil rules the day, Americans will die at the hands of jihadists.  That could be you.  Or it could be me.  We are all expendable in Obama’s America, where our nation falls as the caliphate rises.

It’s not by chance.  It’s by design.

Hat tip: Counterjihad Report, The Right Scoop

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