The Greatest Generation, and today's

Sometimes, the New York Times surprises one with its choice of the matter it reports.  One would think that after Mr. Obama signed the identical twin of the Munich deal that all but grants Iran the ability to make an atom bomb in 15 years, and with the so-called "progressives" applauding his great wisdom, this story could never find its way into the flagship "progressive" paper.  The story of a World War II hero from Norway whose team was sent by the British to sabotage the Norwegian heavy water plant and deprive the Nazis of one of the key ingredients in making the bomb rasps on the ear after America, under Obama/Kerry leadership, surrendered to the mullahs of Iran.

“It ought to be obvious to people that peace and freedom have to be fought for,” he – i.e., the 96-year-old Mr. Joachim Ronneberg, who led the legendary 1943 raid on the Norsk Hydro plant – said.  “Politicians seem to have forgotten this.”  Perhaps he meant just the European ones, but Mr. Obama, and Mr. Kerry, and the Democrats who fell in line and approved the suicidal deal are precisely the kind of politicians who "forgot" – or maybe never knew – the value of freedom.

It was odd to read in the New York Times this condemnation of the very politicians whom the paper ardently roots for, and of the policies it normally lauds.  I guess once in a while even the New York Times, for all its editorial discipline and control, has a Freudian slip...