The cost of Middle Eastern refugees

Here’s a no-brainer thought experiment: according to the Center for Immigration Studies, it costs about $13,000 per year for each refugee resettled in the United States.  (And that’s just for individuals.  The annual cost per household is around $50,000.)  Now compare and contrast with the annual cost of caring for refugees in neighboring countries to Syria, which is about $1,000. $13,000/yr/refugee vs. $1,000/yr/refugee. Setting aside whether or not you think we should be spending any money on Middle Eastern Muslim refugees for a moment, just focus on the math.  Then ask yourself why so many people in America are invested in bringing these “refugees” here when the cost of caring for them in the part of the world most familiar to them in terms of language, culture, and geographic region is so much less. Proof positive there is an agenda.  Who is eager to import more Muslims into the United States, including a cohort that will...(Read Full Post)