The Big Lie that liberals care about gays

Liberals apparently hate gays, or at the very least, they don't care about gay health – so much that they've made it legal in California for an HIV-positive gay man to have sex with without disclosing to his partner that he has the disease.

The California law says:

Any person who exposes another to HIV by engaging in unprotected sexual activity (anal or vaginal intercourse without a condom) when the infected person knows at the time of the unprotected sex that he or she is infected with HIV, has not disclosed his or her HIV-positive status, and acts with the specific intent to infect the other person with HIV, is guilty of a felony. A person's knowledge of his or her HIV-positive status, without additional evidence, is not sufficient to prove specific intent.

While the law doesn't call out gays specifically, the simple reality is that the vast majority of people suffering from AIDs in America are gay or bisexual men.  Hence, gay men are the group most directly targeted by this law.

The first thing to note about the law is that the last sentence specifically says that intentionally exposing someone to a lethal disease is okay so long as one's intent isn't for the other person to catch the disease.  By that standard, Typhoid Mary did nothing wrong.  Further the simple reality is it would be nearly impossible to prove what someone's intentions were thereby making it nearly impossible to convict anyone under this law.

How can anyone who actually cares about gays be okay with a law that says that it's legal for one gay to intentionally expose another gay to a lethal disease?  This shows that liberals don't really care about gays; they only use gays to advance the liberal agenda.

In Missouri, a red state, it's illegal to knowingly expose anyone to the HIV virus.  Here is evidence that conservatives care more about gays than liberals do.

Additionally, the fact that California gays haven't fought this law tooth and nail – it is, after all, literally a life-and-death issue for them – tells us just how sex-addicted sexually active gays are.  We know that most gays live massively promiscuous lifestyles, so the gay acceptance of this law means that they are okay with risking their life for sex.

That in turn is a strong example of why the gay lifestyle is not a good one, and hence why it's good to encourage people suffering from same-sex attraction to live a chaste lifestyle.

Another sign that the liberal lawmakers don't care about gays is that the law applies only to "unprotected" sex.  However, while condoms can reduce the probability of transmitting HIV, they don't eliminate that possibility. Apparently, liberals have no problem with gay men unknowingly being forced to play HIV roulette with their sexual partners.

The California law further says that even if one had the intent to transmit HIV, so long he uses a condom, it's perfectly legal.

By empowering gays to effectively kill each other, California liberals show that when the rubber meets the road, they don't really care about gays.  After all, one could support so-called gay marriage yet still make it a crime for someone to knowingly conceal his HIV status from his partners.

Use this law to help explain to your low-information friends why liberals don't really care about gays, while conservatives do.

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