Syrians love ISIS

A survey being touted as “the largest public opinion poll in the Arab region” has been released.  And the news is as one might expect: a lot of Muslims like terrorists.

TheBlaze reports that the survey showed that 13% of Syrian refugees in Europe sympathize with ISIS.  Another 10% had “mixed or lukewarm” feelings toward these barbarians.  In other words, one out of four Syrians identifies on some level with ISIS, which would make such people ideal targets for recruitment.  And if not for outright recruitment, these folks would certainly make bad neighbors (understatement).  And most of these folks, by the way, are young, fighting-age men.

Meanwhile, if you factor in taqiyya, one can safely assume that the numbers reported in the survey would likely climb even higher.  No doubt many people did not answer questions truthfully.

TheBlaze article continues:

Asked about national security concerns over Syrian refugees, FBI Director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee, “The only thing we can query is information that we have. And so if we have no information on someone, they’ve never crossed our radar screen, never been a ripple in the pond, there will be no record of them there. And so it will be challenging.”

“Challenging”?! No.  It won’t be challenging.  It will be deadly.

And National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen added, “The intelligence picture we have of this particular conflict zone is not as rich as we would like it to be.”

“Rich”?!  I think what he means to say is that we lack critical intelligence on these colonizers.  Actually, forget critical intelligence.  We lack any intelligence.

And yet it’s still full steam ahead to import people who will cling to their knives and their religion.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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