Some Logos for the Left

Fellow Multicultists:  We’re on a roll.  We got rid of Mizzou’s President and Chancellor after just a few days of demonstrations.  How cool is that!

But we’re missing something every great movement needs.  Sure, we’ve got some witty slogans:  BlackLivesMatter; Racism Lives Here; Off the Pigs; No Justice, No Peace, F*ck the Police; End the Hate, Smash the State; A People United Will Never Be Defeated.  We’ve got some great songs, too, though not of recent vintage:  Kumbayah, We Shall Overcome, We’re in the Same Boat, Brother; Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.  What we don’t have is a symbol -- a logo that expresses visually what we’re all about.  Here are a few suggestions.

The Romans borrowed an Etruscan device:  a column of birch rods bound by strips of red leather, with an ax head protruding.  What a great symbol for the power of diversity!  The birch rods are all the same length and circumference.  Black, brown, or white, gay, straight, or transgender, we all hate the haters:  the Islamaphobes, the homophobes, the racists.  Like the Romans, we’ll scourge them with the rods or decapitate them with the ax.   Or use the whole bundle, wrapped in red tape, to whomp our enemies on their white-privileged heads.  All we need is a little muscle.

There are other options besides the fasces.

What could be more multicultural than the gammadion cross?  It appears in South Asia, East Asia, and among the Romans, Celts, Germans, and Slavs.  It was called the svastika in Sanskrit, and represented “auspiciousness” to Hindus and Buddhists.  Things are looking up for us these days.  Why not adopt this symbol?

Then there’s the hammer and sickle.  Sure, we’re a post-industrial society, and agribusiness, as reactionary as it is, probably doesn’t use scythes anymore.  But the emblem nicely represents how we hammer young minds into shape, pounding out the phobias they’ve inherited from their parents.  And how we mow down the haters, the Zionists and racists.  The cool thing about this sign, too, is that it incorporates the Muslim crescent.

Why not stick all three symbols on the same t-shirt?  They represent everything we stand for.

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