Silicon Valley acid trip?

Taking small doses of LSD (“microdosing”) is said to be becoming popular in the Bay area of California. People working in competitive high tech settings are using it to increase creativity and productivity. Breitbart reports:

One tech startup worker from San Francisco who spoke anonymously to Rolling Stone said he takes “microdoses” in his free time and sometimes at the office. A microdose is described as approximately 10 micrograms of LSD or 0.2-0.5 grams of mushrooms.

“Microdosing has helped me come up with some new designs to explore and new ways of thinking,” the anonymous tech worker RS refers to as Ken told the outlet. “You would be surprised at how many people are actually doing it. It’s crazy awesome.” (snip)

Taking hallucinogenic drugs for performance is by no means a new concept. In January of this year CNN Money reported on psychedelic drug use in Silicon Valley as a means of increasing creativity.

“The billionaires I know, almost without exception, use hallucinogens on a regular basis,” Silicon Valley investor Tim Ferriss told the outlet. “[They’re] trying to be very disruptive and look at the problems in the world … and ask completely new questions.”

The report also addresses a host of dangers in using this illegal drug, including potentially serious long term effects, risk of physical and/or psychological dependence, potency and impact on brain chemistry, and its connection with irresponsible social behavior.

But that doesn’t seem to be dissuading northern California’s Bay area elites who seem to be embracing the use of this drug as a way to enhance job performance. Because, hey, “it’s crazy awesome.”

Very sad.

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