Should the US defund Harvard Law School until it changes its racist logo?

I was shocked, simply shocked to learn that my alma mater, Harvard Law School, uses a logo that has connections to slavery. The crest of Harvard Law School displays three sheaves of wheat, arranged on a shield. The design is also the coat-of-arms for Isaac Royall Jr., who through his estate helped found the school. Another part of Royall’s legacy, however, is that he was a slaveholder. You can still visit the Royall House and Slave Quarters in Massachusetts, which was “home to the largest slaveholding family in Massachusetts and the enslaved Africans who made their lavish way of life possible,” according to its Web site. You know how the federal government pulled the Washington Redskins' trademark protection?  I think it should do the same with Harvard Law School until it gets rid of this shameful logo.  Furthermore, all grants to the school and financial aid to students should cease until it erases this shameful racist legacy. "Ve...(Read Full Post)