Security video captures armed Chicago man driving off burglar

Two years ago, Illinois passed a law allowing concealed carry of firearms. One such self defense-capable Chicagoan is David Ocon, a longtime resident of the Logan Square neighborhood on the city’s northwest side. So when his son spotted a burglar entering Ocon’s car, Ocon knew what to do., and his security camera captured the result.

Paul Biasco of describes the scene:

Ocon said he immediately went to his safe, grabbed his handgun, and when he made it to his door, the burglar was still in the vehicle.

"I went to chase him. I tripped down the stairs barefoot," Ocon said. "I had my concealed-carry. I pointed at him and he ran."

When the burglar sees the gun in the video, he bolts for his bike, which he had set up for a getaway at the edge of the driveway.

"He looked like he was almost flying out of the car," Ocon said.

By the time Ocon got to the end of the driveway, the burglar had peeled off, Ocon said.


Ocon said he did not plan to shoot: "It was just in case," he said. "I wasn't going to shoot. I knew he was a young guy."

"I just want to make sure our neighbors are aware," Ocon said. "I'm not holding a grudge or anything. This is broad daylight at 3 p.m., and he just did not care. He was 30 feet from us, and we were eating lunch."

The man stole a debit card, Nintendo DS and a military-grade knife from the car.

But he still has his car, and the debit card can be cancelled. Too bad he was barefoot and tripped.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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