Remember Paris!

There will be many op-eds written about Paris, and our support for their country, and the French people. This is not one of them. (Although I support any and every measure of support that we can provide the good people of France.)

This piece is about the snowflakes on our college campuses and their anger at the Paris attacks which killed 158 people, for its taking the focus off of their cause.

While our college students express outrage at ‘microagressions’ targeted at them (or, at least in their general vicinity) and their need for ‘safe spaces’ from uncomfortable speech (or something), the French people sought ‘safe spaces’ from true ‘aggression’, of the murderous kind – radical Islamic terrorists.

Is there anything that more exposes the vapidity of our college narcissists than to have them decry the death of more than 150 people by complaining that it took focus away from their plight? Some even went so far as suggesting that the situations were on equal footing. Really? Dead people, compared to someone offended by a Halloween costume?

There are real problems in the world. There are real problems in the black community. No doubt there are (specific) circumstances of real problems that exist on the average college campus. Racism exists, no doubt, but the recent incidences of racism reported on college campuses across the country are juvenile at best, many of which have been proven to be falsehoods. Offense at Halloween costumes? Poop Swastikas? KKK sightings (later withdrawn)? An activist hit by a car, later to be shown to have walked into the vehicle?  Yes, there are real problems in the world. Real problems should be addressed, diligently. Problems of the ‘microaggressive’ kind should be dealt with also – with pushback and scorn.  

If and when our snowflakes attempt to rally (otherwise smart people) to their (undefined, microagressed) cause, said smart persons should stop, take a deep breath and shout -- REMEMBER PARIS!

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