Refugees provoke Europeans with dramatic measures

The mash-up of “refugees” who have affixed themselves to Europe’s borders have started campaigns intended to compel Europeans to let them in.  Many are now sewing their lips together as part of a hunger strike.  Yes.  It’s disgusting and meant to be provocative.  And it’s their choice.  If they starve to death, that will be the decision they made by remaining at Europe’s edge and pulling this stunt.  But I doubt that will be the outcome.  I am guessing few will allow themselves to starve to death, and/or Europeans will be suckered in by what boils down to an obnoxious sense of entitlement.

Europe is not obligated to take them in, feed them, house them, clothe them, treat their diseases, educate their children, or find them jobs, among a host of services.

But mainly, Europe is not obligated to risk her own future for theirs.

(Too late.)

In addition to the graphic hunger strike, many “refugees” are holding signs that say, “Shoot us or save us.”  This is the kind of high drama the left (and many on the right) will fall for.  And the “refugees” know it.  In addition, it manipulates the picture of reality.  No one is shooting at them, but they’ve seized upon the false choice strategy so beloved by the left.

Other signs (sometimes painted on their skin) say: “Winter is coming. Please help us” and “We need freedom” among countless others, including multiple signs that proclaim they are not terrorists.  Wow, who needs a vetting process when you have a few words scrawled on cardboard testifying that one is not a terrorist?  And why this sudden need for freedom?  These folks have been living under dictatorships forever.  Now, suddenly, they need freedom?  Freedom to cross into Europe.  Then it’s creeping sharia (at best) 24/7.

And so, as refugees continue to flood Europe and amass at her borders, they are upping the ante to pull at the heartstrings of Westerners.  It’s getting cold, winter is coming, they are desperate, they demand food and aid or else they are willing to die, and so forth.  Many “refugees” undoubtedly know this will play into the kindness (= stupidity) and abundant guilt of Europeans (as well as Americans).

My thoughts on the matter remain unchanged.  That we cannot vet these people is consequential.  But more than that, they are already vetted, because they bring with them a totalitarian ideology bent on world domination.  To say that doesn’t mesh with Western values is a ridiculous understatement.  It’s an ideology that demands nothing less than our demise.

The decision not to admit a single additional Muslim is one that must be made in the interest of our survival.  And if we don’t put our survival first, then nothing else will matter.  Not our “compassion” or our “values.”  Because we will be undone.

For some, this decision may be complex.  It may be hard.  It may stir internal conflict.  Or not.  But whether the decision is difficult or easy, we must reach it.  Immediately.  It is the only decision a nation can make in order to have any hope for a future that is free.

There is much suffering in life.  That hundreds of millions are born into a “religion” and a region of the world where dictators rule and the holy book is founded on hate for non-believers is tragic.  Beyond tragic.  It creates a world of chaos, death, and destruction.

For all others fortunate enough to be born elsewhere and with a different set of values, they’d do best to protect themselves from this darkness washing over their land and their culture.

As noted earlier, we are not obliged to risk our future for the future of Muslims pouring out of Islamic lands headed all points west.  If that sounds harsh, well, that is the nature of war.  And this is war.  The sooner the West wakes up to that fact, the better.

Hat tip: Breitbart

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