'Refugees' dumped in states without notifying governors

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, was recently interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. Christie said he was adamant about not accepting any Syrian “refugees” into his state because the FBI has made it crystal clear that we can’t vet them.

Makes sense to me. This really isn’t that complicated. (Actually, in my view any Muslims from an Islamic country are sufficiently vetted because they bring with them a totalitarian ideology that is not compatible with Western civilization. And the sooner the public discourse is about that, the better.)

Despite the FBI saying we can’t gather enough intelligence on the background of these people to determine if they’re safe or not, there are millions upon millions of fools running around clamoring to admit them anyway.

O’Reilly, for example, was a bit thick on the subject matter, droning on about how we are a compassionate nation and how the Pope said we must take in refugees, and blah, blah, blah, hello Bill? Is anybody home? Do you not see what is unfolding in Europe? Do you not know even the most basic thing about the teachings of the Quran?

Bill went so far as to say that a little six-year-old refugee couldn’t throw a bomb, to which I would say (1) yes he could, (2) give him a few years and he may, (3) that kid comes with at least one parent who quite likely is instilling some pretty questionable values into that young mind, and (4) once here, refugees can bring immediately family members so that tired mother and her adorable child that so pulls on Bill’s heartstrings becomes a family of 6 or 8 or 10, including young men.

But Bill didn’t seem to get it, saying that 10,000 “refugees” is a pittance as he continued to press Christie on why he couldn’t conduct his own state-level vetting process. Because, um, Bill, they don’t have those kinds of resources and the FBI has already said we can’t vet them.


Despite Christie’s clear-headed perspective on the matter, he explained that since the beginning of the year 75 Syrian refugees have been placed in his state without his knowledge. How does that happen? The feds team up with non-governmental agencies (see here for information on the nine charities that have a monopoly on this racket) and the charities have control over where they place “refugees.” They do not consult with, collaborate with, or seek the approval of governors of the states where they place these people.

So now Governor Christie is working with Catholic Charities (and any other NGOs involved) to determine who the refugees are, where they’ve been placed, and so forth.

And mind you, once these colonizers are plopped down somewhere, they have no allegiance to remain there. They are now in the United States and are free to move about and relocate as they see fit.

They’re here. More are undoubtedly coming. And they are being sprinkled around the country in a highly secretive fashion.

Feeling sick yet?

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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