Progressives on Melissa Harris-Perry show bemoan the deportation of criminals

How dare we deport criminals who are in this country illegally?!  So says Amy Goodman and a gathering of liberal elites, who expressed their collective outrage on the Melissa Harris-Perry show.  Perry, speaking at autobahn pace and with predictable knee-jerk-politically-correct-brain’s-been-marinated-in-garbage-beyond-repair, decried the “criminalization of Latino communities” (careful to pronounce Latino with the correct inflection, as if for those three syllables she became one herself), where “mass incarceration and mass deportations are connected to each other.”

Goodman, co-host of Democracy Now!, was all in for this nonsense, which exceeded the highest level of sheer insanity, when, speaking about Obama’s plan to deport nearly 2,000 of the 6,000 prisoners released early from prison, she said: “[T]he largest prisoner release … 6,000 people in three days, but you know a third of them are being deported[.] (Sad face, mournful tone.) ... A third of them! Close to 2,000 prisoners will go right out of the country.”  (Emphatic, outraged tone accompanied by hand gesture as if waving the poor criminals out of our land.)

Perhaps Ms. Goodwin would be interested in making her neighborhood a sanctuary city for criminals in this country illegally?

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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