Progressive heads exploding over gay marriage ban on tribal lands

What’s a prog to do when confronted with the failure of a favorite victim group to get with the program on catering to another favorite victim group?  Felicia Fonseca of the Associated Press reports on the politically incorrect response of many Indian Native American tribes to the same-sex marriage diktat of the Supreme Court (they are ignoring it, and they have the right to do so):

Cleo Pablo married her longtime partner when gay weddings became legal in Arizona and looked forward to the day when her wife and their children could move into her home in the small Native American community outside Phoenix where she grew up.

That day never came. The Ak-Chin Indian Community doesn't recognize same-sex marriages and has a law that prohibits unmarried couples from living together. So Pablo voluntarily gave up her tribal home and now is suing the tribe in tribal court to have her marriage validated.

That’s right: the U.S. Constitution (and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of it) does not apply to tribal lands, which theoretically are sovereign nations.  It’s not just untaxed gasoline and casinos at issue; it is the latest inventions of the progressive mindset ratified by jurists not being enforced.  And the progressive approach to the failure of its victim groups to unite in gratefully following the full program is, shall we say, delicate:

Advocacy groups largely have stayed away from pushing tribes for change, recognizing that tribes have the inherent right to regulate domestic relations within their boundaries.

"Tribal sovereignty is very important to tribes," Tweedy said. "They don't want to just adopt what the U.S. does."

Actually, gay marriage is not too popular in the black churches, either, but you don’t see much about that in the media.  And Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others who want to keep the cash flowing their way are likewise silent.  Just as they are on the impact of illegal immigration on wages for the unskilled and less skilled workers born in this country.

There are so many of what the Marxists like to call "internal contradictions" on the left that it’s a good thing that the media works so hard to keep them buried. Ms. Fonsesca had better get with the program.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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