Polling the plummet of higher education

Polls today are ubiquitous, either old-style or online.  But has there been a survey asking adult Americans how they feel about the recent events at the University of Missouri and Yale?

Below are sample questions to ask a random sample of the American public.  First, about Missouri:

1. Do you agree or disagree that the president of the Missouri system of four colleges should have resigned due to accusations by minority and radical white students that he did not react dramatically enough to alleged incidents of racism on campus?

2. Do you believe that the football coach acted ethically to demonstrate "solidarity" with his black team members, who demanded the resignation of the system president and the chancellor of the University of Missouri, the hiring of more minority faculty, and hardball policies to punish students who may utter what could be construed as a racist, religious, or gender-based slur?

3. Do you believe that the football team activists and their coach blackmailed the university into capitulating to their demands by threatening a strike of an upcoming game that would cost the school one million dollars?

4. Do you agree that sports coaches have the right to lobby to remove presidents and chancellors?

5. Do you approve of school policies being forced on the university by the seven-percent black minority of the student body?

6. Would you allow your college-age child to attend the University of Missouri?

7. Do you agree or disagree with diversity outreach programs in light of the situation at Missouri?

8. Do you agree or disagree that radical professors and scholars are to blame for the politically correct beliefs of students behind the protests and demands?

Suggested poll questions for the Yale survey:

1. Do you agree or disagree that it was proper for the president of Yale to put his signature on a memo to students to avoid Halloween costumes that could theoretically offend minorities, suggesting not to wear feathers, turbans, and blackface?

2. Do you agree or disagree with the Yale residence hall adult monitor who said the memo was frivolous and violated free speech and expression?

3. Are you very surprised, slightly surprised, or not surprised that students took the side of the president and attacked the residence hall monitor and her husband with profane, vulgar, and hysterical screams?

4. Do you agree or disagree that the status of Yale as one of the three top schools in the U.S. has declined since adopting politically correct theories and dumbing down curricula to accommodate minority students vigorously recruited over the past 40 years?

5. Based on student exploits and moronic crude behavior, is Yale's astronomical tuition a waste of money?

6. Were you disgusted, nauseated, or outraged at the video of a female student hysterically screaming the F-word over and over to the husband of the Yale residence hall, whose wife disagreed with the stifling of freedom in the email signed by the school president?

7. Do agree or disagree that colleges must prepare "trigger warnings" to ensure that students are not exposed to words or actions that could be labeled upsetting?

8. Are you aware or unaware that comedian Jerry Seinfeld and many others will not appear on college campuses, citing the absence of a sense of humor by today's students?