Paris Muslims claim terror attacks were work of 'magical shape-shifting Jews'

From MSNBC, of all places, comes the news that Muslims in the housing project  suburbs of Paris have taken to claiming that it was not Muslim terrorists who murdered innocents at a rock concert and several cafés.  No, it was those devilish Jews, who are endowed with magical abilities.  Seriously, they believe this crap.

But of course, the Syrians who want to come to the United States are not at all like this, so there is nothing to worry about in pondering the wisdom of importing more and more Muslims.  Why doncha’ know, they are just like the waves of Irish, Italians, and – yes – those "shape-shifting" Jews who made America a "nation of immigrants."  Look at how well it has worked out for Belgium!

Hat tips: Clarice Feldman, Laura Ingraham, The Daily Surge

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