Obama: ISIS just 'a bunch of killers with good social media'

President Obama has proclaimed that ISIS “cannot strike a mortal blow” against the United States.  Gee, he almost sounds as if it’s within acceptable limits that ISIS strike smaller blows.

For those whom ISIS (or any other Islamic terror group) has slain, the blow has been quite mortal.  And one life is one life too many to lose to Islamic terror.

But Obama didn’t stop with his don’t-worry-they-can’t-strike-a-mortal-blow rhetoric.  There was more.  (Isn’t there always?)  As the AP reports, he went on to say:

·      "We do not succumb to fear."

·      "The most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to say that we're not afraid, to not elevate them, to somehow buy into their fantasy that they're doing something important."

·      "They're a bunch of killers with good social media."

The man hardly deserves keystrokes, so I’ll keep this short.

If the most powerful tool we have to fight ISIS is to say we’re not afraid, then I would say we are underutilizing our military.

Also, on the subject of fear, I suppose Americans should dismiss the fact that there are now 1,000 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states, and Syrians (or whatever Islamic country they’re from) showing up at our southern border trying to cross into Texas.

But not to worry.  Obama’s got the cure.  Seek treatment for ISIS-phobia and import hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees.”  Yeah, that’ll fix everything.  And if not, Obama’s mindless platitudes will surely make everything alright.

As for his remark that we should not “buy into their fantasy that they’re doing something important,” I would say that ISIS is doing something important.  And if Obama doesn’t grasp the definition of that word, here are some ways “important” is defined according to the experts: “strongly affecting the course of events or the nature of things” and “deserving or requiring serious attention.”

Sounds like an appropriate (if not understated) word to me.

If members of your family have been gunned down, crucified, beheaded, kidnapped, tortured, and/or sold into slavery, ISIS has proven to be monumentally important.  They have not only stolen the lives of innocent Christians, but changed the course of history by committing genocide against them, destroying all evidence of ancient civilizations as they sweep across regions with a ruthless lust for death and destruction of all things infidel.

As for Obama’s talk about “fantasy,” it is not ISIS that’s stuck in a fantasy.  It is Obama.  As he tries to convince fools that he’s committed to taking action against ISIS and keeping Americans safe.  Because he isn’t.  And he isn’t.

As for his comment that ISIS is “a bunch of killers with good social media,” I had to wonder if this is one step above being a JV team.  This comment, like all the rest, expressed profound disrespect for those who have died at the hands of these jihadists. Obama’s words and tone are glib, unfeeling, stupid, manipulative, offensive, childish, uninformed, disrespectful, pathetic, idiotic, and unworthy of any leader, no less the president of the United States.

Each and every time Obama steps onto the world stage and opens his mouth, each and every time he utters words that make one’s brain fracture from the continuous sense of surreal shock that this person is indeed the president of the United States, each and every time he puts forth an idea and takes action (or inaction), the entire world reels out of orbit in a state of chaos.

Fourteen more months of this madness to go.  As Ted Cruz has said, the final months of Obama’s term will be like Lord of the Flies.

May God give us strength and protect this nation.

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