No 'safe space' for pro-life student receiving threats

While aggrieved left-wing, black, transgendered, and other favored victim groups are catered to by college administrators over imaginary microaggressions, if you are a pro-life student receiving threats, you are out of luck.  You will instead be harangued over your views.

TaxProfBlog reports:

All Madison Gesiotto wanted to do when she met with the dean of her law school was report a threat prompted by a newspaper column she wrote pointing out the high abortion rate in the black community.

She assumed the meeting would last 10 minutes. Instead, she said, she was there for about an hour as three deans at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law critiqued her on what they saw as problems with her Oct. 23 column in The Washington Times, The Number One Killer of Black Americans. ...

A second-year law student who writes the Millennial Mindset column for The Washington Times online opinion pages, Ms. Gesiotto said she tried repeatedly to steer the conversation back to the threat made against her, but that the deans appeared to “blow it off.” (snip)

The deans ... recommended that she participate in a “facilitated discussion” with students who disagreed with the op-ed. She refused. “The main dean said something like, ‘Well, you said you feel unsafe. We’re trying to alleviate the tension, so you can explain to the other kids what you meant by your article,’” said Ms. Gesiotto. “I thought that was completely out of line. It should have never been proposed. I was there to report a threat. And then they tried to flip it around and push me into a facilitated discussion with other kids about my article. It was bizarre and very disappointing.”

This is one case in which resignations would be appropriate.

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