No, of course AARP isn't biased...

During those years when I was coming to realize that all my television news and much of my print news were becoming increasingly biased toward the Democratic Party, I began to pay closer attention to all media that came my way to see if the trend encompassed more than just news organizations.  One publication that was a bit slower to jump on the Jackass bandwagon, but was showing the by-now familiar signs, was the AARP magazine.  Once I began to more closely scrutinize this free monthly publication, to actually read it instead of tossing it on the bathroom stack, it became clear that the Democrats had developed the means to insidiously place their liberal propaganda into the most conservative of households under the guise of looking out for the interests of senior citizens.

Now, many years later, I am no longer surprised when I read or hear of AARP selling out seniors.  Like most of the mainstream media organizations, AARP no longer even tries to hide its blatant bias – but in spite of that, you'll be amazed at how many conservative seniors are aghast when you point out that their dues and health care premiums are supporting a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

For those of you who continue to believe in the benevolence of this truly malevolent organization, here's an example to set you straight.

Jonah Bennett, writing over at Daily Caller, reports that AARP mag had put together an article for Veterans' Day about six doctors who had signed up for military service later in life.  One of these was emergency room physician Mark Plaster, whose bio demonstrates a life of sacrificing for others.  The part of that sacrifice that attracted AARP mag was Dr. Plaster leaving behind a lucrative medical practice to serve as a trauma detachment leader in Iraq at the age of fifty.  That's just the kind of person AARP is looking for, right?  Right?

Well, yeah, until, that is, AARP editors learned at the last minute that Plaster wasn't just a Republican like most veterans, a truth they could probably swallow without gagging for the sake of their article.  But Dr. Plaster is also a candidate for the U.S. Congress from Maryland, and that, friends, is when their story ran smack up against the implacable reality of their leftist, Democrat politics and their party loyalties.  So Dr. Plaster was surgically excised from the article, which still describes itself as an account of six heroes, according to Bennett.  Not even for the brief period of their article, nor for Veterans' Day, could the party hardliners running AARP set aside their political bias to include an account of a good man, an exceptional man, sacrificing for his country, because they simply could not bring themselves to print anything good about a person they consider the enemy.  Even the author of the AARP article confessed that it was purely politics.

Now I ask you, my fellow conservative senior citizens, who, despite all evidence to the contrary, continue to think of AARP as a benevolent organization looking out for your best interest, do you not see how appallingly politicized AARP truly is?  AARP dues are $16 per year.  May I suggest that readers donate that amount to Dr. Plaster's campaign as a symbolic rebuke to this abhorrent organization?

I just did, and it felt damned good.

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