Mizzou and the Hillary campaign

The ongoing Black Lives Matter campaign to make African-Americans so angry that they turn out in large numbers for Hillary Clinton reached a new level yesterday at the University of Missouri.  The alleged sins that caused the resignations of the university president and chancellor are transparently absurd – not “doing enough” over very few incidents of misbehavior, one of which resulted in the suspension and soon expulsion of the miscreant, the others of which have no identifiable suspects.

As Heather Mac Donald writes in a must-read column:

Missouri’s political class has embraced the patent delusion that the university is rife with racism. Governor Jay Nixon called on college officials to “ensure the University of Missouri is a place where all students can pursue their dreams in an environment of respect, tolerance and inclusion.” In truth, the only barrier to such pursuit is a student’s own lack of academic preparedness. Mayor Bob McDavid of Columbia, Missouri—where the university is located—told CNN after Wolfe’s resignation that he congratulated the “students on achieving their goal.” McDavid insisted that we need to “deal with the pain of minorities” and that we will be “done” only “when every student has the freedom to fulfill his dream unimpeded by racial epithets.”

There is no possible way to prevent all use of racial epithets, considering that anyone can drive on campus and shout from a car, one of the key incidents leading to the contretemps.  However, that’s not the point. The goal here is continued agitation – unrest with television interviews with angry blacks claiming victimization.  And rest assured there will be plenty more of this:

The precedent set here is monumental. Any student protester who can convince his college’s football or basketball team to threaten a strike will be able to bring administrators to their knees even more quickly than usual. Administrative cupidity and alumni fanaticism have turned the collegiate sports-industrial complex into the most powerful force on campus. If that behemoth can be reliably persuaded to support the latest racial agitation—and there will often be a critical mass of black athletes to appeal to—then an already supine leadership class will discard the reality principle once and for all.

The recipe is now clear: a hunger strike by some black student or professor, and a solidarity strike by a high-dollar athletic team – football and basketball, especially.  In addition to sending the message across the nation that racism is so bad that people resign in guilt, millions of new dollars per campus will flow annually to “diversity” bureaucrats who will function as political agitators paid handsome salaries in the name of higher education and financed by tuition bills paid for by loans from the federal government.  And don’t forget the scholarships earmarked for “underserved” communities.  It is a cash machine for the angry black left.

Keep in mind that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have met with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Is it a coincidence that a few incidents in which nothing much really happened have now exploded into a national airing of racial grievances and apparent confessions of guilt via resignations?

Remember how Occupy Wall Street, an AstroTurf movement supported by tons of MSM coverage, took place to frame the Romney campaign as out of touch and uncaring.  This is just the same tactic, translated to new circumstances.

Hat tip: Richard Bahr and Ed Lasky

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