Merkel's madness knows no bounds

Angela Merkel has made a new pronouncement: building border fences across Europe could result in civil war.  The border fences, mind you, are what might cause a war in Europe.  Not the insane importation of whole communities of migrants from Islamic countries.  Fences are the problem.

Breitbart reports:

Speaking at a conference in Darmstadt in the south of the country, Mrs. Merkel said that if Germany completely closed its border to Austria then military conflict would be the only outcome.

The embattled chancellor, who is increasingly being seen as isolated as the migrant crisis threatens her political future, said that the fence already built by Hungary on its border with Serbia “will build up fault lines“ between the states in the Balkan region, many of whom were involved in a bloody war in the 1990s.

“I don’t want to it to happen that military conflict is once again necessary there,” Mrs. Merkel said, adding that while she didn’t want to be a harbinger of doom, escalations into violence can happen without warning. Then she reiterated her country’s open door policy: “Germany will help all people who are looking for protection from wars and persecution.”

Merkel appeared mystified by her own actions, stating: “We’re experiencing something we’ve never experienced before, that conflicts that appear to be far away, suddenly are here on our doorstep.”

Umm.  Excuse me, but if I may interject.  These conflicts to which you refer, Madam Merkel, did not suddenly appear on your doorstep, as if by some mysterious force.  You, Madam, have invited them.  You have brought these “conflicts” to Germany and all of Europe.

Mama Merkel, you are responsible for signing on to join the caliphate.  And if you think you’re seeing conflicts now, this is nothing compared to what awaits.  Border fences are hardly the problem.  For many countries, it is their only solution to protect themselves against the dangerous chaos that you have wrought.

How many people in Europe, or the United States, for that matter, possess even a morsel of common sense, a bit of national pride, or a shred of self-preservation?  Because without these things, it’s only a matter of time before Germany, Europe, and eventually the United States go down, crushed by the weight of our own abject insanity.

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