Massive number of new federal rules released under cover of the holiday

While the rest of us were preoccupied with the looming Thanksgiving holiday, President Obama’s minions snuck out a massive number of new rules.  Andrew Malcolm of Investors Business Daily is one of the first to take note of the stealthy regulation release:

Obama issued a massive, record-setting list of upcoming rules late last week in the shadow of a national holiday.

You may have missed the latest list of 2,000 aggressive new rules, including 144 that will cost at least $100 million each.

You were supposed to miss the list, the Unified Agenda. It's set by law, but not the surreptitious timing. There'll be hundreds more on another list in six months. Rules on employers, banks, restaurants, importers. You name it.

As he sarcastically observes:

Clearly, Americans are incapable of living their everyday lives without explicit written guidance from Washington bureaucrats.

Thankfully, a caring Barack Obama and his minions are working feverishly these days to guide us on their proper path by writing and imposing a record number of costly regulations[.]

Congress is defaulting on its constitutional responsibility to make laws by assigning to the executive branch the authority to make rules (with the force of law), instead of doing the work of determining themselves what laws should regulate behavior.

It is a scandal, but one that will not change until an informed citizenry demands it.  Which probably means never.

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